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We wanted to make sure that our Organizational Health Check is substantiated and useful. During the process of development, we deeply engaged experts for insightful opinions and made extensive research in related disciplines. The result is the collective wisdom that encompasses facets of management from high-level views. Our Organizational Health Check is founded on knowledge from:

  • Industry elites : CEO, and HR Head from leading companies including Dupont, IBM, and TSMC
  • Academic gurus : Professors of EMBA program, Department of Psychology, and Department of Statistics
  • Comprehensive literatures : Academic studies published in Eastern and Western countries as well as best practices in successful enterprises.
  • Health diagnosis architecture: developed with reference to McKinsey’s organization health diagnosis + IBM’s BLM architecture
    • BLM is a methodology developed by IBM and Harvard Business School in 2003
    • BLM has become a common strategic planning method for IBM from the company level to all business departments
    • IBM's application of BLM to corporate customers around the world has achieved extremely high benefits (e.g. Huawei)
  • Supplement: BLM (Business Leadership Model) is summarized as follows:




Intended to be sophisticated and yet intuitive, our Organizational Health Check survey is crafted with attention to every detail. We carefully follow an expert-approved process to ensure the effectiveness of this management tool:

Step 1 Collecting and consolidating information regarding the components of corporate management, organizational structure and the most needed competencies for business success
Step 2 Structuring the survey with four major categories, then grouping the selected characteristics and competencies for measurement accordingly
Step 3 Screening and finalizing the characteristics and competencies in four categories through repeated examinations
Step 4 Fine-tuning the survey content and user experience constantly based on client feedback after survey administration
Step 5 Providing the alternative of customized survey, allowing companies to target specific groups within the organization for health assessment